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Why Practice Yoga?

Yoga for Anyone and Everyone

Yoga is accessible to anyone and everyone. it's a misnomer to think that in order to start yoga, you must be flexible. In truth, the only flexibility needed is your willingness to try something new.

What's Ashtanga?

I teach and practice Ashtanga Yoga, which is yoga that follows a set sequence. Rather than having new poses every single class, with a set sequence you begin to develop a stillness within the mind, creating clarity.

Breath Work

Breathwork and Pranayama is the rage these days, as well it should be! Learning how to control the breath can reduce stress, regulate the nervous system, lessen anxiety and create more internal space and peace.


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About Rachel


How I started...

The very first yoga class I took in NYC bored me to tears. It wasn't until later that I learned there are many styles of yoga; I simply needed to find the yoga style that worked for me. 

The same might be true for you?


Begin with the basics

You don't have to be an expert at yoga to begin. When I first started, I could not do much of anything, let alone lift myself off the mat. We all start somewhere. 

Let's take it from downward dog and go from there...


A year from now?

The only thing you may regret is not starting. Contact me and let's see how yoga can positively impact your life!

Contact Rachel

Drop me a line and let's see how we can work together...

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